Photo Courtesy of Hava Gurevich

Photo by Hava Gurevich

Jean Russell

Photo by Hava Gurevich

I am available for speaking engagements and interviews about the following topics:

  • Evolving Organizational Culture for the Social Era
  • Thrivable Cities and Thrivable Culture
  • Cultivating a Culture of Play to Increase Productivity
  • Future of Work
  • Getting Things Done as a Network
  • Reframing Problems to Innovate Solutions as a Team

Contact Jean to discuss at 312.725.2171 or email jmr at this web address.

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Jean is an excellent public speaker. She facilitates lively discussions and brings out the best in participants. ~Sarah Conner-Smith, Director of Prospect Management at Bryn Mawr College


Honorable MentionThe Enrich ListPost Growth Insititute

Public Speaking

Co-Creative Book Production,
Learn/Share Lab #cocreate14, Ci2iGlobal, Chiang Mai, Thailand, February 2014.

Thrivable Cities Keynote, Sustainable Communities Leadership Summit, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA, October 2013.

Curating the Conditions for a More Thrivable Planet, Planetary Speaker, The 57th World Conference of the International Society for the Systems Sciences —> Curating the Conditions for a Thrivable Planet: Systemic Leverage Points for Emerging a Global Eco-Civilization, Hai Phong City, Viet Nam, July 2013.

Jean has taken on the most challenging work of our time: to alter the trajectory of culture and practice across multiple disciplines. She’s incredibly skilled at distilling the principles that guide those trajectories, and communicating them in a way that illuminates and inspires. Christine Egger, Entrepreneur, Mission-Method Aligner

PLENARY DISCUSSION: What Could a Transformed World Look Like, and What Would It Take To Get There? Transformation in a Changing Climate, Oslo, Norway, June 2013.

Co-Created Solution Design, a workshop on collaboration for social innovators, Chicago Bioneers, Chicago, November 2012.

Organized, lead, and facilitated Thrivable Meetups, community gatherings in New York City, San Francisco, and London to discuss thrivability with social innovators, 2010-2011.

Designing for a Thrivable Society at Hub Melbourne for social innovators in Melbourne, Australia, June 2011.

Keynote speech, A Thrivable World Emerges, for Gathering11, an unconference for social innovators in Melbourne, Australia, June 2011.


Speaking in Malmo, Sweden

ROI of Network Organisms, a workshop for social innovators at HUB SoMa in San Francisco, CA, in April 2011.

Inside Out: Social Dreams and Realities of Business in a Social Media Age, a speech for CEO Club, Normal, IL, in March 2011.

People Power, a panel discussion organized by Deanna Zandt on the power of relationships for technologists at SXSWi, Austin, TX, March 2011.

Thrivable Chicago Workshop, a workshop for social innovators in Chicago, IL, December 2010.

Organized, lead, and facilitated Connecting Social Innovators, a global simultaneous gathering for social innovators, November 5-7, 2010.

Thrivable San Francisco Workshop, a prototype workshop in San Francisco, CA, October 2010 attended by Napier Collyns, Gil Friend, David Hodgson, Arthur Brock, Kaliya Hamlin, Kevin Clark, Leilani Henry, Christine Egger and more.

Thrivability, an introductory talk to sustainability leaders at Chicago Business Innovations Lab, held by EDF in Chicago, IL, August 2010.

Thrivablility and Flash Collaboration, a talk on high speed social production process, Malmo, London, Brussels, San Francisco, and Berkeley, April-June 2010.

Co-organized and facilitated Chicago NetTuesdays, nonprofit technology monthly meetings in Chicago, IL, March 08-February 2010.

I worked with Jean on a workshop and talk that combined her work on Thrivability and my work on social networks. Jean is an excellent facilitator, whether one-on-one, with a small group or a room full of people. She is quick and agile and adapts well to what is happening with the group, all the while keeping the program moving forward.
~ Valdis Krebs, Social Network Scientist, orgnet.com

Networked Love, Bonding, Intimacy: Our Interactive Culture Clouds, a panel discussion organized by Evonne Heyning and including with Valdis Krebs at SXSWi, Austin, TX, March 2010.

Thrivable Networks keynote and Network Weaving workshop with Valdis Krebs, Tutor/Mentor Conference, Evanston, IL, November 2009.

Be an Attractor: NurtureGirl’s Guide to Online Etiquette and Inviting Participation workshop at Community Media Workshop, Chicago, IL, May 2009.


Jean Russell on Scaling Trust with Heather Vesscent, August 2014.
Purpose Podcast on Thrivability with Ted Savarta, October 2013.
Thriving as a Way of Life
, with Marti Spiegelman on Voice America, August 2011. 
Gathering11 podcast #8 with Jean Russell, discussing Gathering 11, August 2011.
A Thrivable You with Leilani Henry, KGNU, Denver Independent Community Radio, January 2011.
Interview with Hans Peter MeyerConscious Capital Series, July 2010.
Are You Thrivable? by Kerry and Peggy Duvette, Wiser Earth Blog, March 2010. 
Worlchanging Interview with Jean Russellby Jon Lebkowsky, Worldchanging, September 2009.
What is Thrivability, #Yitan weekly calls on navigating change in technology and society, August 2009.

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