I appreciate Jean’s keen insights on how people behave and why they do what they do. I’ve seen her bring clarity to situations that had been long befuddling to those involved, and I’ve seen her unlock the potential in people who were trying to find their way. ~ Thomas Kriese, Product Design and Management

Thank you for finding me.

I am fascinated by the interplay of two things: strategy and culture. To explore, practice, evolve and transform those productively, I offer several approaches:

I help people and organizations transform – playfully. I have a passion for seeing people around me sparkle with excitement and shout with joy at their achievements. You can find me noodling on the future of learning and work or ideating about processes to co-create a more thrivable world.

Participatory Events

I am passionate about guiding events that move us into the social era that Nilofer Merchant describes tapping into collective intelligence and experience for wiser and better design, productivity, and implementation. Events are a great way to plant a seed to shift culture of a group toward greater cooperation and collaboration. I also believe people coming to events are eager to move past the lectures and into the seminars and workshops for greater learning and practice. Whether working with three people or over two thousands participants, I am thrilled to guide groups toward their goals.

Play on my participatory events page for more.

Jean is a force of nature. Not fire, earthquake or storm, but that of perception, connection and empathy. 
She gently guides and listens and watches while she builds her models. I’m reminded of the approach of good anthropologists. Then you have an intellectual dance that illuminates new connections and possibilities. 

Her approach is uniquely hers and offers terrific value as it generates (and excuse me for the too worn phrase) truly out of the box thinking, but thinking that happens to be grounded. 

Her honesty and humor make working with her an absolute delight.
~ Steve Crandall, Omenti Research

Strategy Consulting

We can talk about making the world more thrivable, the new economy, adaptive system dynamics, motivation and behavior, and – of course – culture change at every level.

My strategy consulting clients have been in the fields of social media startups, social innovation, and philanthropy.

My practice focuses on the intersections of several domains: financial flows, social dynamics, and innovation. And my interests lean toward the immediate future. Where are things moving in the next six months to five years that are relevant and important for people making decisions about their strategy today?

My roots are in philosophy, biology, and cultural studies. My branches span social innovation, philanthropy, social network analysis, alternative currency, social media development, personal development, mediation, and group dynamics. I can be a guide through the big picture and a map maker for the work of day to day engagement. My Kolbe test claims I am a project manager, and indeed, I compulsively focus on outcomes and the processes to achieve those outcomes.

See my strategy consulting page for more.

Productivity Consulting

I have been working independently for a decade now. I have faced the challenges of procrastination. At my best, my productivity surprised me. I produced a book with 65 collaborators in 90 days that has now been seen by over 26,000 people. I created a viable new business in just 45 days. I have a few tricks up my sleeves. I can share them.

The first thing you need to know is that you are not the default user of most productivity tools. You have to hack them to fit how you uniquely operate. This is where I can help most. Hack your own productivity culture.

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I am available for speaking engagements and interviews about the following topics: thrivability, culture, social era practices, gaming productivity, conditions for innovation, sharing economy, future of work, and more.

Explore my Speaking page.


I write. A lot. I read more. I have been writing and editing professionally since 1997. I produced a quarterly newsletter in the donor education sector for 5 years. Triarchy Press published my book on Thrivability in 2013.

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I like getting experimental things done with other people. Review the  projects page for an historical scrapbook of sorts.

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