Photo courtesy of Scott Bradner

Photo courtesy of Scott Bradner

After years of facilitating open space, workshops, and other participatory activities for conferences and gatherings while also doing strategy consulting, I grew frustrated at the gap. Neither side got the results that they truly wanted without the other approach also being present.

We are pulling these two elements together to offer facilitation of groups to co-create strategy and evolve culture. Participatory processes are pulled from sources like Liberating Structures as well as invented as appropriate for client requirements. All facilitation offered includes strategy and visioning work so that event design and delivery forwards our goals together.

Contact Jean to discuss at 312.725.2171 or email jmr at this web address.


“Jean Russell is the best facilitator on the planet. #biased” ~Deanna Zandt, Share This

Jean’s Past clients include:

  • Planned Parenthood Digital, 2016
  • Mycelium, 2015-2016
  • She’s Geeky Seattle, 2015
  • Mozilla Assembly, Paris 2013
  • Online Community Unconference, Menlo Park, CA, May 2013
  • Design for Dance @ Persuasion Labs, Stanford, Palo Alto, CA, May 2013
  • Great Lakes Bioneers, Chicago, IL, 2012
  • IEEE Unconference 2012, San Diego, CA, 2012
  • Unmoney Converegence 2012, San Francisco, CA
  • Communicamp, Community Media Workshop, Chicago, IL
  • Change Exchange, Northern California, CA
  • COSI10, Chicago, IL (muti-location, global event)
  • Omidyar.net Member Gatherings, Chicago IL and Cleveland, OH

“Jean Russell is a facilitator like none other. You simply cannot compare her services to any other group facilitator’s work. In the preparation and execution of her facilitation plan for our first corporate retreat, she made absolutely certain that the event would deliver on many levels at once. She prioritized and helped us clarify our strategic needs and key outcomes for the session. She made sure that the schedule was organized to deliver on that promise, and she held us to our own goals throughout the event – making sure that the value she promised us for the event would be the value we received.We’ve each participated in many facilitated workshops over the years (even been paid to facilitate them ourselves on occasion), but neither of us have ever seen anyone link creative team building to organizational outcomes as deeply as Jean Russell did for us. Her workshop facilitation for us was geared towards actually doing work. She has a unique talent, and if you are looking for a facilitator who will ensure that your collaboration sessions actually help you attain your goals, look no further than Jean Russell.”  ~ David de Werdt and Neil LaChapelle, Founders, Sceneverse

Contact Jean to discuss at 312.725.2171 or email jmr at this web address.

Custom Strategy Retreats

When you want to get what matters to your group or team done, including

  • develop a new organization or project
  • bring people together to brainstorm or solution-solve
  • work collaboratively toward shared outcomes
  • want a big picture view (mapping of the field)
  • gather people to learn or evolve skills

Sample Workshop Sessions.

Jean’s Past Clients:

  • Sceneverse
  • Inspired Legacies & Bolder Giving
  • Meyer Memorial Trust
  • Currency Pattern Language
  • Grass Commons
  • OsoEco
  • W1sd0m

Bo McFarland and Jean Russell, May 2013

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