A Decade in Review (and foresight on what is next)

Zoom out, see the work in the span of a decade and look toward the next decade…what do you see?

I had a great call with John Kellden today. I was struggling with two compelling forces, my past commitments and my excitement around a new opportunity.

I saw the narrative arc of the last decade on Thrivability and where I am going. Thank you John!!!


“graduate” from 10 year learning journey on breakthrough patterns, coaching toward highest self and high performance, edge practices in philanthropy and social change, collaboration, and alternative currencies.


Hear the word thrivability and explore what it means and whether that is valuable by blogging out loud. It becomes the umbrella for the paradigm I seek to catalyze.


Co-create Thrivability Cards, and then in 3 months co-create Thrivability Sketch to name and claim the paradigm shift from Sustainability to Thrivability (resilience is like a half step between them, quite insufficient).



Write Thrivability Breakthroughs book to answer the question: how dare you think of something beyond Sustaining, turn attention from what is collapsing to what we are building up to address it and co-create the next phase for humanity.


Co-author Action Spectrum and Cultivating Social Flows books, which builds off chapters of previous book with practical guidance for implementation of breakthrough practices, mostly at the group layer.

2016 –>

That focused on WE-ness. The app that is emerging is about ME-ness, but it is still about optimizing generativity and aliveness, as always. I have the rough sketch of the small app and a larger one (could be same tool at different scales). I am in conversation with programmers and collaborators on building that.

I have a new consulting offering around the Cultivating Social Flows book that uses participatory process to source strategy aligned with culture (and help people self-improve org culture). I am in the middle of testing that offering out before offering it more publicly. Let me know if you are interested in short or mid-range adventures in strategy and culture weaving.

The Future:

I have rough outlines of 3 other books and ideas for more. I think of the Breakthroughs book as my tree, from which these other projects form branches.

I have a vision of an Institute that makes an umbrella for so much of the amazing edgy work of my peers and co-creators, while providing service via our methodology on extrapolating from current information what might arise and what opportunities can be created.

Half my role is weaver the ideas of others and putting a spotlight on innovative works. The other half is naming and claiming the methodology, patterns, and processes we share.

Thank you John for making the threads so clear from a zoomed out perspective.

Requests and Opportunities


I am designing this app with some collaborators. Let me know if you are interested in funding that, collaborating on it, or testing it out for us. Think intersection of mindfulness, habit development, productivity hacking, and machine learning.


I would love your help co-creating a network platform to highlight all the other amazing people we believe in who are championing thrivability. I want to show off their work. I have been doing 1:1 partnerships and not enough pointing to the collective efforts of many… It is more a railway hub, redirecting to where each individual or group is, than a destination space.


The Thrivability Cards are back on my agenda for revision and I would love to collaborate on what they are and how to use them as a playful pattern language for co-creating thrivable opportunities.

Communication Tool

The LEADs book, outlining a methodology for transforming communication between people. The model is clear, and I would love a collaborator to help with story-telling and methodology.


The Institute, which I think emerges from our Thrivable Future Salons, is a kernal of an idea with some sense of what the method can be and how to build it. Missing a sense of what the business model and funding look like in detail. Seeking partners and collaborators for a long haul, as it may take 5 years to get the pieces in place. Open to funding discussions.