From Darkness to Thrivability

I have been championing thrivability for almost a decade now (since February 2007). What a journey! Lately, I have felt a struggle to champion it in the face of loss and change and setbacks. I feel, even implicitly, the pushback — usually unarticulated — about “daring to talk about thriving in the face of loss and crisis.” So maybe[…]

Playing with the Profane and Divine

Are we animal or are we spirit? Reading David Whyte’s poem on maturity, I am reminded to be in the past, present, and future simultaneously. Can we also hold both the profane and divine simultaneously? MATURITY is the ability to live fully and equally in multiple contexts; most especially, the ability to courageously inhabit the[…]

The Thick of It

These are not quite “wicked problems” so I think of it as messy or muddy. I spoke with a co-founder of my client organization today about the work we are doing. Being in the thick of it needs to be documented, so I present you with my reflections on being in the middle of the[…]

screenshot from the movie, Mindwalk

Mindwalk: Systems, Education, and Transformation

{originally drafted in 2013…there was never an opportunity to finish it…but core pieces are still important for how I think about the future, how business needs to think about strategy, and how to do so within a larger ecosystem in motion.} What is the future of education and why is everyone so excited about MOOCs[…]

A Decade in Review (and foresight on what is next)

Zoom out, see the work in the span of a decade and look toward the next decade…what do you see? I had a great call with John Kellden today. I was struggling with two compelling forces, my past commitments and my excitement around a new opportunity. I saw the narrative arc of the last decade[…]

The Critic’s Pursuit of Happiness

I totally love Žižek, of course, that old rabble rouser! And I am not a fan of chasing happiness. However, in this post, I will invert both of those. Žižek talks about happiness, here on Big Think. First, it is important to understand the tradition that Žižek comes from. His is Slovenian, the first to[…]

Join us at the Thrivable Future Salon Oct 14 in SF

When we met in 2012 at an alternative currency event in NYC, I could not have imagined today. Here it is! So exciting! Back then, he was interested in my word, “Thrivability” and led Future Salons in SF. A couple years later, while in SF, we agreed to meet again. He wanted me to talk[…]