Strategy + Culture for a More Thrivable World


I take a pragmatic approach to co-creating the people, organizations, and society we want.
Facilitating: Participatory Events

I am passionate about guiding events that move us into the social era that Nilofer Merchant describes. Events are a great way to plant a seed to shift culture of a group toward greater collaboration and cooperation.

Writing: Insights into Practice

I write to make new effective paths to a thrivable world more readily available and understood so people can practice what works together. I also speak on these topics.

Coaching: Work and Life Design

As a certified NLP Coach with a degree in Philosophy, Jean Russell is highly sensitive to the subtleties of language and gesture, discerning where shifts can be made and asking powerful and challenging questions enabling transformation while holding a warm comfortable space for discovery.

About Jean M Russell

Strategy and Culture Alchemist
Hacking Thrivability

Jean M Russell is a social ecosystem designer, culture hacker, and facilitator. As a founder of the thrivability movement and expert on collective thriving, Jean speaks to and with change agents, innovators, builders, and edge-riders around the world. Her work on thrivability, innovation, philanthropy, and cultural shifts has been highlighted in the Economist, Harvard Business Review, Stanford Social Innovation Review, and Worldchanging. She received an honorable mention on the enrichlist, as one of the top 200 people of all time “whose contributions enrich paths to sustainable futures."

  • Perspective

    Get perspective on what is and what can be.

  • Understanding

    Make sense of what is and how to connect it to a vision.

  • Design

    Provide a process to co-create how to get from here to where we want to be.

  • Delivery

    The operational work of getting a project DONE or a design implemented.

Client Client Client Client Client

I co-create with amazing people

I am so grateful for the talent I can connect into my efforts.
Mark Finnern
Mark implements ideas by playfully tapping into community passion. Mark helps you create an environment of trust and playfulness at work. The foundation for the deep engagement with your customers, partners and your employees.
Herman Wagter
Co-Author on Designing for Social Flows
Herman creates transformational multi-sector partnerships around shared purpose, primarily in The Netherlands. Balancing the level of entropy is key, so stability can be married to fast evolution.
Christelle Van Ham
Co-Author on Action Spectrum
Christelle works working with social entrepreneurs, foundations, corporations and public institutions to advance the field of social impact valuation and to support innovative partnerships that create societal value, limit value destruction and invent new paradigms for social change.


Chief Culture Officer... Force of nature .... keen insight ... artistry... clarity

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